Now we can read and write!

Children move from Reception into the ABCs class in the September after they have passed their ABCs Post Test assessment. They continue to build on the reading and writing skills they have learnt in Early Years and progress onto their Level 1 PACEs in English, Maths, Science and Social Studies.

PACE work is interspersed with practical activities and play breaks, through which the children continue to develop their social skills. 

Supplementary Curriculum

ABCs pupils also have a full afternoon programme, combining topic work, art and design, music and movement, cookery, role play and PE. 

Transition to Junior Learning Centre

During the ABCs year, pupils start to understand and adopt the procedures of a Learning Centre. The following September they move into the Junior Learning Centre, where they continue to follow the PACE programme and take increasing control of their learning.  

For details on the admissions process for ABCs pupils, please visit the admissions page.