Junior Learning Centres

From the ABCs class, pupils transition into one of our Junior Learning Centres ready to work more independently. Our Lower Junior Learning Centre caters for Key Stage 1 pupils and the Upper Junior Learning Centre is for Key Stage 2 pupils. 

Core curriculum

During the morning, pupils work largely independently on the core subjects, receiving targeted support from staff. The core subjects include Mathematics, English, Literature and Creative Writing, Social Studies, Science and Word Building. 

Each pupil works at their own ability level, progressing onto the next stage once they have mastered what they are learning. 

Pupils set their own daily goals, with support from the teacher, and take increasing responsibility for their learning. 

The mornings also include short group sessions for practical Maths activities, writing activities, oral presentations, reading enjoyment, Bible memory verses and exercise breaks. 

Supplementary curriculum

The supplementary curriculum is delivered mainly in the afternoons through cooperative learning groups of different ages and abilities.

Pupils develop their learning around a different topic each term, which either has a Science, History or Geography focus. Alongside this topic, the children will develop their skills in Creative Writing, Languages, Music & Creative Arts, Computing and Sport. They also have RE, Citizenship and PSHE lessons.

Extra-curricular Activities

We offer pupils a range of opportunities to enrich their learning outside of the classroom. Each term pupils have a main school trip linked to the topic area they are studying. This may involve visiting a museum, wildlife park, concert hall, or historical site. We also plan smaller local trips during the term to local attractions, libraries and parks. 

We run various types of after-school clubs, which pupils can sign up for. These include gardening, chess and a variety of sports. 

We also have regular 'challenges' linked to reading, writing and mathematics, which pupils are encouraged to continue at home. 

Promoting Good behaviour

In the Junior Learning Centres, we use a merit system to reward pupils for academic and non-academic achievements, for effort, for being caring and for all aspects of good work and behaviour. At the end of every half term, pupils have the opportunity to spend their merits in the Merit Shop.


Pupils applying to enrol in the Junior Learning Centres are assessed prior to entry to determine their starting point in each of the core subjects. 

For further details on the admissions process for our Junior Learning Centres, please visit the admissions page.