We see our classes as little teams and families where we work together and encourage each other to achieve and excel.

Between study times, breaks and activities, each class comes together at the beginning, middle and end of each day to:

  1. Reset - register, pray, share any news and get ready to focus on the day ahead

  2. Refocus - register, settle down after lunch and get ready for the afternoon’s activities

  3. Recap - celebrate achievements, review what’s been covered in the day and note down any work to be continued at home

Approach to learning

We balance individualised and group based learning to encourage each child to own their learning journey whilst building confidence and developing their social skills as the children work together under the direction of the teachers.

Individually, students work at an appropriate level and speed according to their ability and are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning, taking a lead in setting their goals and managing their workload.

In groups, the children work peer to peer and with their teachers to develop their interpersonal skills, build positive interdependence, play to their strengths and work as a team to overcome challenges.

Teaching team

As well as teaching and creating a secure learning environment, we see our teachers as coaches and cheerleaders. Their goal is to motivate each child, facilitate their learning journey and encourage them every step of the way. Each class has a lead teacher and a teaching assistant.

Classroom size

The school has smaller than average class sizes (maximum 15), known as learning centres, which allow children to learn at their own pace.

Early Years

You can read more about our Early Years classes and provision here.