Our History

Est. 2012

The King’s House School, Windsor, opened its doors in 2012 after lots of preparation, perspiration and prayer and with the permission of the Department of Education.

It was an amazing team effort to launch the school in 9 months with a united effort from teachers, parents, pastors, church members, helpers, advisors and specialists.

In our first inspection in 2013, the school was rated ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ in “pupils’ behaviour and personal development,” noting, “pupils are very well prepared for life in modern, democratic British society.”

2015 saw the launch of our new Early Years Facility on the King’s House Campus site. Innovative and open plan, it was designed with our youngest children especially in mind.

Starting with 20 pupils and registered for 75, by 2016 the school had grown to between 40 to 50 children, with new children and a number of siblings joining family at the school.

In 2017, Lyndsey Harding was appointed as Head Teacher. This marked a ‘handing of the baton moment’ from founder team (including our first Head Teacher, Melody Erasmus and subsequent Acting Head, Jo Pallot) to the team that will build the school into the future.

note from the founder

Two new born babies were carefully placed in my arms in early May 2007. They were my first grandsons, cousins Samuel and Joseph, who arrived just 75 hours apart.

I instantly experienced a great love towards these vulnerable additions to our family. I also felt a strong sense of responsibility to help them have the best start in life. Over the next few years I began to visualise a school with an affirming family atmosphere that would equip them with an inspiring and broad Christian worldview.

I found that I was not alone in wanting to prepare my grandkids and their generation in a similar way. And so, in September 2012 with the backing of 12 families, we started the school with 20 pupils.

We are committed to seeing the school flourish and to see the next generation grow mentally, physically, spiritually and socially so that they can reach their full potential and live their lives to the full.

Pastor Wes Richards

Senior Pastor of King’s Church International