Living our values

As a school we believe that our values need to be lived and expressed in our behaviours and in the environment we create collectively.

We see break time and lunch time, as well as time in the classroom, as an opportunity to embed these values and create a positive and uplifting school culture.

In Early Years (ages 3-5), we seek to develop each child's character with a particular emphasis on the importance of speaking positively, learning patience and being kind to others.

As the children get older, we continue to build on these strengths and skills for example emphasising attributes like honesty, compassion, diligence and perseverance.

We also use a merit system to reward pupils for academic and non-academic achievements, for effort, for being caring and for all aspects of good work and behaviour. At the end of every half term, pupils have the opportunity to spend their merits in the Merit Shop.


The King’s House School Windsor campus is situated in central Windsor on the corner of Frances Road. The school has a largely open plan layout, with light filled, welcoming classrooms and a spacious outdoor playing area.

In Summer 2015, we built a beautiful new timber-frame Early Years Centre in our garden area to accommodate our Pre-school and Reception classes. The Centre enjoys direct access to the outdoor play area where the children can continue their learning outside the classroom.