Core & Supplementary Curriculum

We use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Programme as our core curriculum. The curriculum is based on individualised learning and is mastery based.

The core curriculum is enhanced by a supplementary curriculum to ensure children's all-round development and to develop their gifts and talents.

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The supplementary curriculum is delivered mainly in the afternoons in co-operative learning groups and is taught in an engaging and interactive way. Group work, presentations, and speaking and listening skills are developed. We use the National Curriculum to assess the children's progress in these areas. 

The combination of core and supplementary curriculum provides a breadth of learning experiences while taking into account the ability and achievement levels of individual pupils.

Take a look at a few featured subjects below…

Trips & Visits (or Experiences)

We offer pupils a range of opportunities to enrich their learning outside of the classroom. Each term pupils have a main school trip linked to the topic area they are studying. This may involve visiting a museum, wildlife park, concert hall, or historical site. We also plan smaller local trips during the term to local attractions, libraries and parks. 


Our daily assemblies are used to complement and enhance our core and supplementary curriculum. They are designed to provide a strong Bible based worldview, build character, amplify topics the children are studying and celebrate pupil progress.


We run various types of after-school clubs, which pupils can sign up for. These have included drama, art, gardening, chess and a variety of sports.

Home learning

We work together with parents so that learning at school and at home is aligned and integrated.

We also have regular 'challenges' linked to reading, writing and mathematics, which pupils are encouraged to continue at home.