School Fees

Annual Tuition Fees

For the academic year 2019-20, the cost for a child of compulsory school age to attend the school is £4,200 per annum. This is payable monthly at a fee of £350 per month.

Early Years Charges

We receive Early Years Funding for eligible children.

For Pre-school, we admit children from the term in which they turn three. Fees are payable for this term since Early Years Funding is only available from the term after a child's third birthday.

Early Years Funding is available through the school for all three and four year olds, up to and including the term they turn five.

This funding entitles each child to 15 hours per week, amounting to five 3-hour sessions. Parents can also apply for 30 hours Free Early Years ‘Extended’ Entitlement funding (subject to eligibility).

Additional hours are charged at a rate of £6 per hour; totalling £18 a session. An extra fee of £3 will be charged if your child stays for lunchtime (1/2 hour).

For Reception, children must attend a minimum of five mornings a week between the hours of 8.30am - 12.30pm. The five compulsory hours per week not covered by the Early Years Funding are charged at a rate of £6 per hour, totalling £30 per week.

In addition to these compulsory hours, we offer optional afternoon sessions from 12.30pm-3pm each day, which are also charged at the rate of £6 per hour.

Financial Commitment

Full payment is required for each term that a child has attended in part or in full.

Additional Costs

There is an annual fee for the curriculum of between £150-£360 per child. Payable monthly, the cost depends on the age of the child and the amount of work completed.

Additional charges are payable for school trips, swimming lessons, clubs and extra-curricular activities.

Extra costs include school uniform and lunch. Most equipment is provided by the school. Cookery ingredients and some sports equipment, stationery and musical instruments may need to be purchased by parents as well. If Pre-school children are in the process of being potty-trained, parents must provide all necessary nappy supplies.


A flat rate discount of one third is offered to any younger siblings who are required to pay full school fees. For example, the annual fee would be £2,800 for the second child and £2,800 for the third child etc. This discount does not apply to Pre-school or Reception children.


School fees are payable a month in advance on the 1st of the month in 12 instalments.

Invoices are raised on a termly basis payable by Direct Debit.

Information on how to pay is included on the invoices. Invoices are sent out at the beginning of each term, stating amounts and due dates for collection by Direct Debit.

Childcare Vouchers

We accept childcare vouchers as a form of payment for some fees, including Early Years charges for pupils below compulsory school age and after-school clubs. 

Late Payments

If a payment is not made by the due date parents are asked to rectify this immediately. If this cannot be done, contact should be made with the Head Teacher. The school reserves the right to terminate the education of children for non-payment of fees.

Removal from School

One term’s notice of intention to remove a child from the school must be given to the Headteacher before the beginning of the term. If such notice is not given, you will be expected to honour your commitment and pay a full term’s fees.

Terms and Conditions

The School Management Board plan to continue their policy of maintaining fees at the same level for the whole school year but reserve the right to alter them during the year, should the need arise. In such a situation a term’s notice will be given.