Our Ethos

The school has a Christian ethos.

The ethos of the school has been shaped by the vision and values of the church community out of which it has grown. You can learn more about King’s Church International here.

As such, the school ethos is spiritual, communal, innovative and outward looking encapsulated in our values of ‘faith,' ‘family’ and ‘future’.


Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” As a Christian school, we seek to help each child discover their purpose and learn principles that they can build their life on so that they can lead a full and fulfilling life.


We want to build a family culture that is affirming, inclusive and secure where each child feels like they belong. We do this by working closely as parents, teachers, school supporters and the local church community.


We are forward looking and forward thinking. We want to prepare our children for the fast changing and challenging world they are growing up in. We want to provide an innovative and relevant education that will equip them to shape this dynamic new world.