Why did King’s Church International start a school?

Throughout its history, King’s Church International has made children a priority. It believes the greatest investment to be made is in the next generation.

For more than 10 years the church has run a kids club in the local area, which more than 5,000 children have attended and the workers regularly visit schools and take assemblies.

With a firm belief that a child’s education is based upon Christian principles and values, which have helped to shape this nation over the centuries, a new school was founded.

Why is The King’s House School an independent school?

With all the changes currently taking place within the education system and the need to see standards raised significantly, we wanted to help pioneer a different approach to learning and school life.

Being independent gives us greater freedom in how we operate and how we deliver the curriculum.

What makes us different?

Character development is made a priority. The curriculum incorporates principles and positive character traits alongside basic academic disciplines.

Following the London Riots of 2011, the Riots and Communities Panel Report (March 2012) proposed that there should be a new requirement for schools to develop and publish their policies on building character and that primary and secondary schools should undertake regular assessments of pupils’ strength of character.

How is the curriculum different?

The curriculum covers core subjects while seamlessly incorporating Christian values and teachings. Children are taught to master a subject before moving to the next level. For more information, please see Curriculum.

What size are the classes?

The school has smaller than average class sizes (maximum 15), known as learning centres, which allow children to learn at their own pace.


As the school is independent and receives no government assistance, there are fees. However, these are considerably lower than for a typical independent school. For more information, please see School Fees.

Each state school receives money for each pupil enrolled. If the UK had a voucher system, like other countries, it would mean the money would follow the student, creating greater opportunity and choice for parents and pupils. Unfortunately, this is not currently an option.

The school does however receive Early Years Funding for 3 and 4 year olds, following approval by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead as a provider of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This allows each child to receive up to 15 hours of their attendance at no cost.

Is the school only open to practising Christians?

No, however it is for people who want their children to be taught from a Christian world view. The school is open to children from all backgrounds and religious beliefs. For more information, please see Admissions.