Building together

Parents and families at The King’s House School Windsor have been integral to the progress and success of the school. We greatly value our parents and families and seek to work together to build a culture that is affirming and uplifting, where each child feels that they belong and can flourish.

Families are kept up to date with each child’s progress through regular communications, opportunities to meet with class teachers and annual parent meetings. Formal feedback on progress comes in the form of termly parent teacher meetings and an annual school report.

Parents and families also play an important role in volunteering in the school and are active in organising fundraisers and other community activities.


Jennifer - “There is a small community feel to the school. The approach to teaching and learning has really worked for our children. They are growing in leaps and bounds which has been a pleasure to watch. I’ve also enjoyed volunteering. It’s nice to have the opportunity to help and enjoy the school with my children.”

Jaime - “One of the main things we love about the school is that our children are taught in a safe and loving environment. Biblical principles are taught each day like being kind and loving one another and we have seen each of our children flourish in their own special ways.”

Lorna - “There are two things I particularly like about The King’s House School Windsor. One, is that they focus on character development as well as academic achievement. Things like kindness and respect. They don’t tolerate bullying. They teach the children to be like Jesus. The second thing I really like is that the teachers really care about the children and want the best for them. They really love them and pray for them every day which is invaluable.”

Parent survey

Our goal is to serve and support families as we work together to invest in the next generation. To this end we regularly conduct parent surveys to gain insight into our performance as a school and to learn where we can keep improving.

the kings house school windsor parent survey.png

In summary, our last survey showed:

  1. Parents feel their child(ren) are happy, safe and cared for at school. In addition, they know who to talk to, if they have any concerns

  2. Parents consider that their child is making good progress

  3. Parents feel that their children are taught well, they receive appropriate homework and the school encourages positive social and emotional aspects of learning

  4. Parents feel the school has high expectations in terms of behaviour, makes sure pupils are well behaved and deal effectively with bullying

  5. Parents feel the school is well led and managed and responds well to any concerns, that parents raise

  6. Virtually all parents would recommend this school to another parent